AIP 9000


Automatic Ice Packing Machine is an advanced equipment that integrates feeding hopper, weighing, bag making, filling, sealing, printing and counting. This equipment packs ice in high speed. It is stable and easy for operation, which greatly improve the working efficiency. Besides, it largely reduces the manpower and save costs for large ice factories. Automatic Ice Packing Machine is the priority for a large ice factory.
– All the packing process can be done automatically: Feeding, Weighing, Bag Making, Filling, and Sealing. Plastic bag can be printed with simple information like date, bar code, etc.
– PLC control system ensures full automatic operation and start-stop feature. The unit will automatically stop if there is no ice feed.
– Packing speed is 15-25 Bags/Min according to the weight of each bag.
– All parts in contact with ice is made of SUS304 material.


Model Name
AIP 9000
Ice Packaging Time
10-25 bag/min
Packing Weight
2-15 Kg
Packing Bag Size
L: 400-800 / W: 300-380
Packing Bag Material
Motor power
4,37 kw
Dimensions (WxLxh)
3350x1175x2250 mm.
800 kg