Cooling Units



All devices include cabled remote control panel. It is shipped ready to be installed, including electricity panel and all automatic control components.

In our cooling units which are not limited only to the device design, air circulation, evaporator and condenser surfaces are extremely important. In particular, the most commonly experienced problem is the inadequacy of the machines in warm weathers, becoming inoperable. This problem has been overcome in nesim units, and it has a different productivity quality, when compared to other companies’ products.

It is compatible with European Union norms and produced with CE label.

It is delivered after performing all the tests of internal and external units and nitrogen charge

All Models

ULTRA SERIE (-55/-65C)
SHOCK SERIE (-35/-40C)
COOL SERIE (+9/+15C)
 FROST SERIE (-18/-23C)

Additional information

Dimensions 4 × 1.4 × 1 cm