Mobile Butcher And Fisheries Stores



Nesim mobile shops can operate in all types of weather conditions. Possible to be manufactured in different models according to the needs of the customers. Fully-equipped shops are delivered ready to use for fishermen, poultry vendors, butchers, fruit and vegetable vendors, ice-cream parlors, delicatessen shops and mini-grocery stores. You can move and transport nesim mobile shops wherever you want to or you can even rent them. Electricity and water connection is sufficient. It does not require installation.

The shop is fitted with the maximum quality equipments and accessories. Has everything what you need such as a scale, set of knives, cold storage, stainless steel shelves, etc.

Nesim mobile shops are in compliance with the international hygiene standarts and offers a pleasant shopping experience to your customers.

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Dimensions 10 × 12 × 0.5 cm