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With the advances in technology, the importance of keeping foodstuff in appropriate conditions has been understood. The two most important issues in the keeping of food substances are the cooling equipment and establishing a cold storage. The two important issues while establishing a cold storage are materials with isolation power, and hygienic surface materials. The most ideal material with the necessary high isolation power is polyurethane. PVC or polyeshtere coated galvanized sheet metals, used as surface material, form the desired hygienic and easy to clean surfaces.

Cold room panels are acquired in fabrication environment by injecting polyurethane under high pressure. During the production of the panels, cold room panels become prefabricated and easy to mount, by placing locks inside the panel body. In all the industrial facilities using modern technology nowadays, cold storages are established by using prefabricate panels.

The polyurethane filled prefabricate sandwich panels used in thermodesign cold storage, are the most ideal material in heat insulation, providing perfect results due to technical features, durability and easy erection. Wall and roof panels are being produced by injecting polyurethane with 40 kg/m3 (±5%) density, between two metal sheets 0.50 mm thick, and the external material, depending on desire and field of use; PVC+PVC PVC+Galvanize Polyester+Galvanize Polyester+Polyester sheet metal.

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Dimensions 4 × 1.4 × 1 cm