Plate Ice Machine



Plate ice ranges from 8mm to 12mm in thickness and has no fixed shape. It operates with fresh water. The water-cooled condenser and water cooling tower in standard conditions and in tropical conditions allows for trouble-free operation. It’s quiet and highly efficient.

Thanks to its specially designed plate evaporator, it produces hygienic ice and can work nonstop. The cooling units are in EU standards and consist of high quality equipments.

• Ice generator has water-cooled condenser and water cooling tower.
• All materials in contact with ice are made of stainless steel.
• The complete body is made of stainless steel
• Semi hermetic compressor.
• R404a, R507a or R22 refrigerants.
• High condenser and fan capacities are tested under extreme conditions

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Additional information

Dimensions 4 × 1.4 × 1 cm