In an RSW system, seawater is recirculated by pumps through the tanks and the chilling system. Before entering the tanks, the seawater is chilled by the refrigeration equipment. The seawater is distributed evenly over the complete bottom cross-section of the tanks through a set of perforated plates or similar distribution devices. The chilled seawater passes upwards through the tank and layers of fish, thus keeping the fish semi-floating and simultaneously cooling it. The water returns through suction screens in the top of the thanks to the chilling unit of the system and, subsequently, the circulation process is repeated.


Model Name
Cold Water Capacity (1hr)
1665 lt
Cold Water Capacity (3h)
5000 lt
Cold Water Capacity (6h)
10000 lt
Cold Water Capacity (8hr)
13000 lt
Water Outlet Temperature
0 / +2 ℃
Cooling Capacity
43000 watt
Compressor Type
Semi Hermetic
Compressor Displacement
75 m3/h
Compressor Power
25 HP
Compressor Electric Power
15,86 kw/h
Compressor Absorbed Current
30,7 Amp
Condenser Type
Sea Water Cooling
Evaporator Type
Shell and Tube
Ethylene Glycol Pump Flow Rate
11,7 m3/h
Required Condenser Pump Flow
15 m3/h
Water Inlet
2 inch
Water Outlet
2 inch
Noise (3 meters)
~78 dBA
Dimensions (WxLxh)
800x1800x1600 mm.
Evaporation Temperature
2C / -10C ℃
800 kg